How to generate inbound leads

Every company needs to generate leads to grow their business.

For those of you un-familiar with what a marketing lead is I’ve attached an image below that explains.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.15.49 PM

We’ve all seen this before.

This is the way 90% of companies go about gathering leads, or building their audience. In fact it might be one of the reasons why 90% of Small Businesses end up failing.

Building your audience through outbound marketing, cold-calls, sign-up lists, etc. is an uphill battle. People are weary of being “sold” to.

This practice of doing Lead Gen is quick, easy and common. There is a better way though.

You want your audience to come to you. How can you do this?

It starts and ends with content. You’ve heard the phrase “content is king”? The CTO of BlitzMetrics, Dennis Yu says “Create content so awesome, people reach out to you”.


You need to show your expertise in your field, as well as an ability to communicate with your target. You’re passionate about your business so creating killer content will be a matter of putting in the time, and optimizing results to find what resonates. Learn the right way to go about creating content here.

Another powerful way to generate inbound leads is through word of mouth. There are a few effective ways to accomplish this.

“Giving free consulting in advance is the heart of inbound marketing” – Dennis Yu.

Think about the mechanic you know won’t screw you over.

You heard of this guy from a trusted source. He doesn’t work in a big shop, and he probably doesn’t do much advertising.

Because he’s honest with people and doesn’t charge them ridiculous fee’s “word of mouth” naturally spreads, and leads come to him.

Be like that mechanic.

At BlitzMetrics we actively practice this. We openly teach and share our principles with anyone. This has brought amazing “word of mouth” and other lead gen opportunities.

Another way to share your expertise is through your competitors. Our CTO Dennis Yu has a how-to article published on Jon Loomers site. Who technically is our competitor. We’ve also interviewed Jon. Now his audience is seeing our content and vice-versa. This again, creates inbound leads. Rather than competing against each other, work together to solve your “customers” problem.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.59.45 PM

There’s many similar tactics to this that will help any business create inbound leads. The tactics are not what is important though. The principles underneath them are.

  1. Create Content you’re passionate about that will benefit others
  2. Offer free consulting 
  3. Embrace the “problem” you’re trying to solve in people’s lives, work together with other experts in your field

So when you realize your pop-up lead-gen ad isn’t getting the results you hoped for, try practicing these principles. Then let me know how they work for you.

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