The Superbowl, Dabbing, Texas-Holdem and Persil

Superbowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year.  As both a football and advertising fan I get treated to 4 hours of non-stop entertainment!  I finally know what LOTR enthusiasts feel like when they throw in those extended edition DVDs!  It’s fantastic.

Aside from that entertaining duo I’ve also been particularly pleased with recent Superbowl outcomes.  Four out of the last five years the teams I’ve rooted for have won (the Patriots spoiled the streak last year).  But alas, last Sunday a new streak was born as the Bronco’s trashed Cam Newton and the Panthers!  Much dabbing ensued in my household.


But now that we’ve discussed the opening act let’s get to the real entertainment from Sunday.  Which is of course, the Ads.

Some of my personal favorites were Hyundai’s spot with Kevin Hart, and T-Mobile’s response to Verizon’s annoying “ball commercials” featuring Steve Harvey

.hart-commercial-200x200 Screen-Shot-2016-02-07-at-4.49.19-PM


Hopefully this will be the beginning of many more Hart cameos to come.  And even more hopefully, the end all of phone commercials involving “colorful balls”, although they are more tolerable than Verizon explaining their network to me using “a door”.

I would like to say part of my bucket-list to one day work on an Ad that runs in the Superbowl.  That would be amazing!  So why are Superbowl Ads so good!?

You’re basically seeing a lot of companies go “all in” when they produce a Superbowl Ad.  They say “everyone will be watching, we have a great product, and a clever idea for an Ad, let’s do this”.  Watching what ensues is always a blast.  Some companies go for it and nail it! This was certainly true for Apple with their “1984″ spot, they held out for the “River” card and won big (if you don’t know about this kids, it’s time to do some good, old-fashioned, Wikipedia style research).

But every year it feels like there are a few companies that have a lowly pair of 3′s and say, “eh what the hell, let’s put all our chips out there anyways” (ie. Persil Laundry Detergent 2016).

I’ll admire anyone for going “all in”, adapting the “YOLO” lifestyle.  But a simple word of advice.  Success awaits the prepared.

Whether that means having a solid one-liner up your sleeve when you go to approach a girl (or dare I say it, a guy) or actually understanding what makes a good Ad when you buy that oh-so-shiny-but-ver-very-VERY-expensive Superbowl spot, make sure you cover your bases before hand.

Because perhaps the worst feeling in Texas Holdem, and in life itself, is swinging for the fences only to fall flat on your face.  I for one hope Persil learns the error of their ways and produces a killer Ad for next years Superbowl (by the way, I’m not going all-in on that hope, let’s be honest it isn’t happening).  Until then let the rest of us learn from their mistake and prepare for success the only way it deserves to be prepared for, thoroughly.


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